What Books Should Our Children Read This Summer?

Beginning readers in Kindergarten through sixth grades should be given character-building stories along with those that promote the joys of childhood. The plots should show that the good are rewarded and the wicked punished.  Never should the deeds of evil or sinful behavior be condoned or celebrated, such as stealing, cruelty, or bullying.  Young readers love animal adventure stories, fables, and tales of heroes.  Many of these teach valuable lessons and good character.

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How Reading the Classics Can Save Western Civilization

The Importance of Getting Our Children to Read the Classics

Literature and poetry, along with history are among the most important subjects in acquiring the best education, because through these subjects we pass on the ideals and values of traditional Western Christian culture. Not only will your child be influenced to love the good (and hate the bad), they will  learn that good wins out over evil through model characters they encounter in the past’s great literature. They will learn through poetry some of the best writings and stories of the great authors.

“The purpose of this ‘classical’ education was to pass on knowledge, values, and ideals of our culture; for to teach human beings their true nature, their dignity, their rightful place in the scheme of things.” (Martin Cothran).


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What is Phonics?

Why Phonics? Phonics Decodes Words for Ease of Reading



Phonics is said to be the MAGIC KEY that unlocks and opens the door to the wonderful world of reading. Learning to read by Phonics is merely converting the letters of our American alphabet into their respective sounds.  Phonics is the natural and logical way to learn to read.

Phonics is the science of sounds as it applies to letters or groups of letters called phonograms.  We call this ‘decoding‘ the written word.

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What’s Wrong With Johnny’s Reading, Spelling, and Composition?

Johnny Needs to Learn Phonics

Why Johnny Can’t Read” is a well-known book title written in the 1950’s by Rudolph Flesch.  He wrote about how the ‘Look-Say‘ Reading method was causing illiteracy in our country.  He emphasized a strong ‘Phonics-First’ approach over memorized words.

“So Why Can’t Johnny Read? Or Spell..  Or Write a simple composition?”

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Why Our Children Aren’t Reading

Our Children Need to Learn Phonics in Order to Decode Sounds and Letters That Form the Written Word



In his classic book on Phonics by Rudolf Flesch, “Why Johnny Can’t Read: and what you can do about it”,  Edward Ziegler in his Forward of that book commented on many of Flesch’s ideas.  He quotes him regarding changing from reading by Phonics to ‘Look-Say’:  “…by the 1930s, to rid their classrooms of what one education professor called “heartless drudgery”, America abandoned the alphabetic code (which flies in the face of all logic and common sense) and began to teach children to guess and memorize the meanings of the tens of thousands of words they would see in print.”

I love this book because it explains why there are issues with Reading in our public schools.  Mr. Fleshch also teaches a lot of phonograms and Phonics.  A ‘must have’ for your reference library.

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A Serious Reading Disorder: Dyslexia – Tips and Tricks for Reversing

How To Reverse Dyslexia

The Sight Reading Method taught in public schools is the number one cause of Dyslexia many experts say!  This includes Dr. Samuel T Orton- the world’s leading neurologist and expert on Dyslexia.

As to its origin, Dyslexia is controversial, but has been proven repeatedly that Reading by Phonics instruction is the cure.  (See also “The Disease You Get in School”.)

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