A Serious Reading Disorder: Dyslexia – Tips and Tricks for Reversing

How To Reverse Dyslexia

The Sight Reading Method taught in public schools is the number one cause of Dyslexia many experts say!  This includes Dr. Samuel T Orton- the world’s leading neurologist and expert on Dyslexia.

As to its origin, Dyslexia is controversial, but has been proven repeatedly that Reading by Phonics instruction is the cure.  (See also “The Disease You Get in School”.)

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6 Reading With Phonics Tips and Tricks

How to Encourage  Love of Reading

Wanda, a home schooling mom and friend in Alaska let me in on a big secret when I wanted to get our son to read more. This one works more for boys than girls, though.

The secret is to start checking out the Hardy Boys Mystery series from the library, and let him start reading one. He won’t be able to stop reading – I almost guarantee it! Our son too, like hers, didn’t want to even take a break from reading the Hardy Boys mysteries for lunch or dinner. He just wanted to lay on the couch and devour each book.

They’ll read the whole series if made available.

I recommend, however, that you look for the Hardy Boys stories written before 1965. The newer ones have changed a bit to reflect modern times and thought.

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