What’s Wrong With Johnny’s Reading, Spelling, and Composition?

Johnny Needs to Learn Phonics

Why Johnny Can’t Read” is a well-known book title written in the 1950’s by Rudolph Flesch.  He wrote about how the ‘Look-Say‘ Reading method was causing illiteracy in our country.  He emphasized a strong ‘Phonics-First’ approach over memorized words.

“So Why Can’t Johnny Read? Or Spell..  Or Write a simple composition?”

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Why Our Children Aren’t Reading

Our Children Need to Learn Phonics in Order to Decode Sounds and Letters That Form the Written Word



In his classic book on Phonics by Rudolf Flesch, “Why Johnny Can’t Read: and what you can do about it”,  Edward Ziegler in his Forward of that book commented on many of Flesch’s ideas.  He quotes him regarding changing from reading by Phonics to ‘Look-Say’:  “…by the 1930s, to rid their classrooms of what one education professor called “heartless drudgery”, America abandoned the alphabetic code (which flies in the face of all logic and common sense) and began to teach children to guess and memorize the meanings of the tens of thousands of words they would see in print.”

I love this book because it explains why there are issues with Reading in our public schools.  Mr. Fleshch also teaches a lot of phonograms and Phonics.  A ‘must have’ for your reference library.

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Look-Say Method Causes Dyslexia, Experts Say

Dyslexia Reversed by Reading With Phonics


Through research, I have learned that the teaching methods and very curriculum taught in public schools are heavily promoted by the National Education Association (NEA). They’re the largest union in our nation and certify teachers. The NEA promoted the ‘Look-Say‘ or Whole Language method of reading, beginning in 1929.

So many Americans alive today learned this method if they attended public schools. Private and Christian schools have always taught reading by Phonics. Even public school’s online K12 program teaches Phonics to beginning readers.  The problem with the Sight Reading’ method is that it often causes Dyslexia. Symptoms can be identified as a reading words incorrectly, slow reading, blanking out on a word, and causes a lack of reading comprehension.

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